“Funkagenda is an outstanding talent, his sets can go from light and funky to dark and dirty in a seamless way that few Djs can pull off. Maybe it’s due to the fact that 50% of the records he plays are his own productions, which are without a doubt up there with the best! If asked to quote a name to watch for the future, Funkagenda is the first we think of…”

Trophy Twins

“Not only is Funkagenda my favorite producer in the WORLD, but his tea drinking capacity is second to none! With over 20 cups a day this man is a tea drinking phenomenon. On a serious note, he is unique in his ability to produce and remix with such a diverse style all underlined by one word… QUALITY”

Mark Knight

“Funkagenda is a hot new talent and definitely one to watch for the future. He’s versatile and manages to combine a musical edge with a tougher club sound that always works on the dance floor. He’s been embraced by Big Love!”

Seamus Haji

“I like what Funkagenda is doing. Basically almost everything he does is to me really fresh and great house music the way I always liked it and the way I will always like it….proper stuff…”

Sander Kleinenberg

“If you haven’t heard of Funkagenda by now then where have you been hiding? Over the last 3 years, he has become a name synonymous with quality house music. Already having featured on labels as prominent as TOOLROOM, POSITIVA, DEFECTED, AZULI, MINISTRY OF SOUND, SIZE, BIG LOVE and SUBLIMINAL, his production and remix skills are highly sought after worldwide. And production is not the only string in his bow… His DJ talents are also a permanent fixture in clubs around the globe, with 2009 seeing him travelling to AMERICA, CANADA, RUSSIA, SOUTH AMERICA, ROMANIA, POLAND, SPAIN, FRANCE, ISREAL, SERBIA, GREECE and many more. Starting his career at the age of just 13, helping to program backing tracks for his fathers club act, he quickly got a taste for music and life on the road. He formed his own bands at high school and became a multi-instrumentalist, locking himself away in his home 4-Track studio for days at a time. Then as he hit his late teens, amidst fronting a soft rock band, he was lured into the charms of dance music by the legendary VOODOO RAY. From this point on it was a love affair, and whilst he continued to learn the more conventional side of music at college, with his A levels etc, he was burning the midnight oil in his home studio crafting Drum + Bass and Techno works. In the late 90s during the house explosion it was here that he found his home. The hypnotic rhythms of ROGER SANCHEZ, DAVID MORALES and MAW were a perfect fusion of musicality + dance floor sophistication, and institutions such as WOBBLE and the mighty GODSKITCHEN were a Mecca for clubbers across the UK. He began to learn the delicate art of DJing, although after years of manually timing beats on bargain basement samplers, this was not as difficult as he thought and soon he was picking up bar and small club residencies. But his true love was production and at this point, with the price of a Dub Plate being about £50 it was not cost efficient to play your own material. Enter the CDJ! Thanks to the wizards at PIONEER, many a bedroom producer now had the ability to play their own works out, and Funkagenda became a master… Always re-editing and remixing tracks into his own style, his sets have a unique sound and began to catch the ears of many promoters around him, add to this the fact that his tracks are the flavor of the moment it’s no wonder he won best newcomer and best tune of the summer at last year’s Ibiza DJ Awards. Currently enjoying huge support from the likes of MARK KNIGHT, PETE TONG, AXWELL, DIRTY SOUTH, STEVE ANGELLO, SEBASTIAN INGROSSO + even ARMIN VAN BURREN, Funkagenda is name is a driving force in house music today…

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