M≡V “The Robot from VY CANIS MAJORIS” is a an Anglo Indian Trap and Dubstep dj/Producer from India, Who grew up in Goa listening to alot of Hiphop, Heavymetal, Psychedelic and Progressive Trance, Techno and later was introduced to Trap and Dubstep, M≡V is highly inspired by this generation of  music and Enjoys playing the Sounds of a alot of genres such as Bass House, Drum & Bass, Techno & Deep house, Trap, Moombahton and Dubstep, M≡V was inspired at a young age to want to beceome a dj and Produce and play music for crowds all around, M≡V has Recently started  his own Production of Merchandise on an Online store, Enjoying playing for the crowds at Clubs around Pune, M≡V looks to spread good vibes and The sounds of Trap and Dubstep through his Sets and Music Production.

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