Biography :
Dj Petty Joy

Music was the first love and it will be the last. Music has always been like a thread running through her life. DJ Petty Joy captured the crowd’s attention right from the start and continues to fascinate audiences in the male dominated DJ scene with her musical sensitivity and great femininity. She combines classical vocal and progressive house music with the latest in electro house tunes. The party scene in Europe was quick to spot Petty Joy ’s talent and after numerous gigs in which she enchanted the audience of the hottest clubs with her hot rhythms, she soon caught the attention of international event organizers and radio stations. In 2012, her exceptional talent was also soon discovered by well-known Ibiza Global Radio where she now works as monthly resident DJ. She also works on various musical productions in Germany. The young and highly talented DJ quickly shot to international fame. Well-known fashion designers booked her to appear at New York Fashion Week 2012 to entertain and inspire the audience with her passion and devotion to music. She was booked for an India Tour for the whole of December 2012 and in August 2013 again

Her stunning appearance and a deep passion and devotion to music combine to make her one of the hottest professional female DJs around and sure to captivate just about anyone who hears her – by the end of the first beat at the latest.

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