About Tiddey:

Although Tiddey started his carrier in 2002 he has shown an interest with music business before. He received his graduation in musical school in Poznan and than he was sure that guitar will be his future. Darek Plaza was born on 24.03.1979 and he touched mixer for the first time an the beginning of 2002. He knew than that playing and creating own productions will become his life.First and unsuccessful experiences in Poznan’s clubs distinguished him form other popular DJs. It was obvious that Darek will not be an another clubs’ resident but in four years he will become the leading Polish DJ with his own musical identity and unique style. His energetic sets which he was building from exquisite trances made that he met Peran Van Dijk – this acquaintance transformed into a friendship which was giving them many benefits. Very soon they got 4 Strings’s and Ron vd Beuken’s interest, they introduced Tiddeya’s into meanders of Dutch trance scene.

Invitations from Brazil, Uruguay, Australia, South Africa, Japan, Norway, Turkey, Spain, Netheralnd, Belgium and even China made that with his energetic and thrilling sets he has burst the audience to the crazy party. Those were not just a one time performance because we know today that this Polish man will return to those countries to present his atmosphere once again. But this will not be the only occasion for Tiddey’s world tour. He has also played on the greatest Polish festivals such as: Sunrise Festival where 20.000 people were having fun, Beach Party Sopot  where 30.000 people were having fun, and FFWD Parade were 500.000 people were having fun on Rotterdam’s streets.

Soon there will be a premiere of his new vinyl and due to this occasion he will travel to promote his latest hit. What is this? When it is gong to happen and where exactly is he going to be? Everything will be soon revealed. Year 2007 is going to be an another milestone in his carrier. Tiddey is not only a DJ but also an organiser of parties and musical events. He is also not only a promoter of Dutch stars. He is also a musical producer! His first production Fell Destination was appreciated by foreign DJs and in 2004 it was played not only in small clubs but also in trance radio broadcastings.

When in 2006 he was producing his first single Get Away along with Peran’s remix nobody would expect that he will make such a great success. The recording was produced in Netherlands and United States and it was played in Pete Tong’s auditions in BBC Radio by DJ Jean as a part of cyclical audition in Radio 538 and by many other artists…

All the Tiddey’s successes in Poland were leading to one thing! He was noticed by ID&T agency which made the final decision to invite him to their main musical event – Trance Energy. Tiddey played on this party on February 2006! His performance was accompanied by premiere of the second single produced under his real name and entitled Close Day…

Tiddey’s achievements resulted in 2006 when he was chosen for the best trance DJ of 2006, 2007 and 2008 according to readers of FTB.pl portal which exceeds 500.000 audience a month. All of this made that in 2008 he ends not only as the best Polish DJ but also as the first Polish in a history who made 81 position on DJ MAG POLL ranking !

But this is just a beginning of international carrier.His new singiel “Taylla” was played by Armin van Buuren in ASOT 330 and by others huge trance Djs. Soon enough ARMADA Music released his single’s Savage Emotions & Forgiven Lies at A State Of Trance label. Also his 1st trance album “Life Goes On…” was released by SONY MUSIC BMG in december 2008

His story brings him to the top of the polish djs with the latest singles like Forbidden City, Copacabana Dreams and first from the forthcoming album – Keep Waiting feat. Lyck!

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